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Client Brief
A complete revamp of NIIT University’s existing website The Client: NIIT University, a not-for-profit institution, that was set up with the aim to provide technology-based, research-driven education that is linked to the industry. The Brief: To tell the compelling story of the NU brand in an engaging manner to attract and impress potential students. To clearly articulate how the university four core principles relate to the brand and its day-to-day working. The website had to highlight the NU difference in a youthful and vibrant ‘voice’ that was both aspirational and future-oriented.
The NU was TIC first every ‘mobile-first’ site in its truest sense. In fact, the client refused to see the desktop designs until the site went live on the UAT. But the months-long process was not easy – TIC had several targets to meet – less than two seconds for a page download; a score of at least 50 for mobile on Page Speed Insights; an 80+ SEO score for the money pages; no 404 pages, etc. The client insisted upon daily review meetings that lasted an hour or more. Launch dates came and went; deadlines became fluid on both sides; day and night, weekdays and weekends merged until the teams weren’t sure whether they were awake or asleep. Personal travails, ill health, frayed tempers and countless cups of tea and coffee – what remained constant was TIC’s steadfast commitment to the goal, despite all the ups and downs. We focused on the task at hand, to do what we do best: tell a story. And we did. We pitched NU as a forward-looking university that places its students front and centre of all that they do. We talked about the sustainable campus and the green architecture. We highlighted the NU vision and its emblem and motto. And throughout the process, we never lost sight of the goal of the website – to highlight the NU Difference. In the process, we also ensured a user-friendly, interactive experience to appeal to the end users. This rollercoaster ride ended with the successful launch of the website on 5th May 2022.
The Challenge: The website – all 400 pages of it – had to be created within a short deadline. Content was limited, but the website had to position NU as a leader in the field education that focused on the holistic development of students. The TIC Approach: TIC approached the task very systematically starting with a comprehensive Brand Study. Information was collated from surveys sent to various stakeholders – administration, faculty, students and parents, in order to discover how best to communicate the Brand’s story. This was followed by an in-depth UX Study that focused on understanding user behaviour and discovering the needs and pain points of the target group. It involved: • Focus group discussions with internal stakeholders (Founders, Nurturers, Placements, Admissions and HR) • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of inputs from the target demographic (Students, Parents, Alumni, Faculty) • Secondary research that encompassed Google Analytics, Web Research, Analysis and Brand Study • Benchmarking competition Team TIC then proposed a content strategy and design based on this initial research and analysis of both studies.
This rollercoaster ride ended with the successful launch of the website on 5th May 2022.

NIIT University

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