Tax Ka Punchnama

Client Brief

This campaign won the 'best campaign ET award' in BFSI sector. Client wanted to continue the humour and story telling of Kitna Kata in 2019 too. But this time, the sequeal had to be taken a notch up, in terms of telling and execution, retaining - life mein toh aksar kat ta hi hai, tax mein toh bachaao. 


Idea was to show a relatable humourous situation which all of us have gone through in life. How we try to over do to impress the girl / guy we like, but end up embarassing ourselves. This scenario denotes "Life mein toh kat ta hi hai, tax mein katne se bacho..." 


We had created a jingle which kept on repeating the words 'Kata kata kata' but the tempo keeps increasing as the intensity of our protagonist getting kataaod keeps increasing. And keeping the life real, he does get kataaod ... We re-mixed the track, made it like a reprised version with more production value and took the scenario outdoors to increase relatability.


As expected. This video's viewership ran into millions. AMFI as a brand and Mirum as an agency and we as a Video Content house are proud of this campaign. 


Mutual Funds Sahi Hai

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