Team Pumpkin

Client Brief

Celebrate women and their different journeys of overcoming menstural healt challenges.


It comes as no surprise that menstrual literacy is a distant reality in our country. &Me, a brand that works towards solutions for women’s health and nutritional needs, wanted to address this and celebrate all the Unstoppable women and their menstrual health journey. To execute this idea, we reached out to many women between the age of 18 to 40 who came from different walks of life: some were brilliant achievers in their respective fields, some were local heroes and some were women who chose to pursue socially unconventional jobs.

Their journeys towards overcoming menstrual health problems reached more than 9.6 lakh individuals, generating engagement of over 17.5 lakhs. And most importantly, it inspired over 2 million women across the country.

Team Pumpkin


  1. Mumbai | Bengaluru



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100+ Employees

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