Team Pumpkin

Client Brief

Klothon wanted a strategy and execution to increase Website Traffic & generate Leads for it’s apparel collection to companies & organization across all GCC Countries as well as client over the World. Awareness & Leads were the Key KPI.


1.     Personalized Content - Created highly targeted blog posts & industry news articles

2.     Created high quality landing pages to improve conversions and generate leads.

3.     Match content with user intent.

4.     Question based approach for content development.

5.     Internal linking between the relevant pages.

6.     Link acquisition across domains


1.     Traffic increased by 55.38% over 6 month period.

2.     Pageview increased by 56.71%.

3.     Executed lead generation campaigns with costing of 1500 AED.

4.     Direct Traffic increased by 91.80%.

5.     Organic Traffic increased by 36.28%.

Team Pumpkin


  1. Mumbai | Bengaluru



Category Experience


100+ Employees

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