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Tena, over the years, has enjoyed aggressive growth and been established as a leading brand of sunflower oil produced locally. With the inclination of Ethiopian consumers towards imported oils, Tena needed to strengthen and consolidate its position. The company intends to launch new line extensions in the same product category that included a new pouch introduction for Tena Sunflower Oil to generate more trials. Studio ABD was invited to develop the brand architecture for Tena for its entire range and make it consistent with an accent on quality, health benefits and local connect.

Project Deliverables : Packaging Strategy & Architecture | Packaging / Brand Identity | Structural Design & Development | Engineering Analysis


The design for Tena had to be authoritative and confident, yet friendly at the same time to establish the familiarity of consumers with the brand. It had to look premium and reinforce its origin and local connection with its Ethiopian roots. We went about this process with a two-pronged strategy: Firstly, the use of bright, vibrant colours in the packaging that Tena could adapt across all its variants to give it a consistent and unique personality—secondly, introducing more Amharic (official Ethiopian language) in the front of the pack for the local flavour, one that Ethiopians could be proud of as an offering from their own country. 


The bottle shape and ergonomics were designed for easy usage and stability, and we adopted a prominent red colour to make the packaging bold. The fluidic lines on the bottle added structural strength and were visualized as a tactile brand asset to make it look regal. The hero ingredient - the sunflower seed – was showcased beautifully with detailed textures and sharpness to add life to the pack and reinforce the health benefits it holds. The product benefits of being ‘cholesterol free’ and ‘fortified with vitamins’ were demarcated, thereby earmarking it as a quality product from Ethiopia. A clean, clutter-free layout and bold branding with contrasting brand colours ensured easy brand recall and eye-catching shelf display. 


The branding was adapted across all the variants and stood out when placed on retail shelves. It reinforced the feeling of a local quality product, creating a stronger emotional connection with the brand.

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