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Chocolate is essentially a sinful indulgence. A guilty pleasure, it has a special place in everyone's heart. With the big players standardising the way chocolate bars always looked, Luvit wanted to create a more sensorial change to these blocky grids and aimed at being unusual, iconic and unique. Just deviating from the ordinary & mundane was an exciting thought to flow with.

Project Deliverables : Structural Design & Development | Engineering Analysis | Food Photography / styling | Mockups / Prototypes


Luvit needed to reinvent what it meant to eat chocolate. The designs should explore the passionate, almost sinful side of chocolate. The challenge was to depict the chocolate to make it appear gooey and dripping with taste, so you can feel the burst of chocolaty goodness in your mouth and let the whopping sweetness of melted chocolate ooze within!


LuvIt's Luscious collection celebrates chocolate as a sculpted piece of art. The design of the drop features a beautiful fluidic visual treat of chocolate heart drops that will melt in your mouth. The new bar design is inviting and soulful as an experience you can't wait to dive into. The heart-shaped chocolate drop makes this bar a sensorial treat. Love, indulgence and this drop of chocolate go hand in hand.


The design of chocolate drops is distinctive and unique for this category and sets it apart from the competition. Using the chocolate drop design to create compelling social media strategies has helped raise brand awareness and grow a larger audience. As a result, the new chocolate identity became a brand asset and made the chocolate more popular.

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