Eastern Condiments, 2016

Eastern Dosa Batter Packaging

By Studio ABD
Client Brief

Eastern forayed into the readymade idli and dosa batter market in 2016. The hectic city office-goers were seeking quick fixes that were healthy and filling at the same time. Branded ready-to-cook offerings were not perceived to be very beneficial. Studio ABD's goal was to develop a packaging solution that would prove to be innovative and cutting edge for a healthy and fresh product. Eastern sought to bring an easy and healthy breakfast solution to consumers.

Project Deliverables : Packaging Strategy & Architecture | Packaging / Brand Identity | Structural Design & Development


Quick, easy and healthy is every astute customer's mantra today. Our research showed that dosa batter starts to ferment as soon as it's packed—the greater the exposure to air, the faster the fermentation. The current packs did not offer to reseal, and those that did had a Ziplock sealing, where the batter would get stuck sometimes and make it difficult to reseal. This problem could cause over fermentation of the batter, making it sour. A path-breaking packaging was the answer to draw the consumer's attention. It's an easy method of pouring the batter from the pack directly and making the dosa, sealing the package after use and placing it back into the refrigerator for future consumption. This idea massively cuts the time to empty the pack's contents into a vessel.  


We wanted to create a pack design that the consumer would be wowed by and a design that would instantly catch the eye. We presented an exclusive stand-up pouch that was easily noticeable on the shelf due to its uniqueness, using a palette of light green on the pack. As detailed earlier, we outlined the sun’s rays on the package, with each ray sharing a nugget of information. Several nuggets later, we had a pack that used powerful and evocative imagery to depict the product attributes! We then created a cutout at the right edge of the top layer to hold the pack and pour the batter out easily. No product had ever come out with a style and design like this for the batter. Studio ABD became the pioneer in this new packaging style and has led the way for similar designs in the market.


Retailers liked the packaging as it stood tall for good visibility and was easy to stack due to its flexibility and effortless handling for quick displaying and refilling the retail spaces. The proportions enabled it to fit into a refrigerator door with ease. Studio ABD also designed the pack with the same visuals for Eastern Instant Upma. The client adopted the ‘Rise and Shine’ tagline with the graphics created by Studio ABD across all its variants in its ‘Breakfast Treats’ category working well as a strong positioning strategy.


Eastern Condiments

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