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Activ Beauté provides a one-of-a-kind, carefully curated skincare line that addresses specific skin concerns with a balanced blend of nature and science. Based on this reliable ideology and its revolutionary mix of perfectly blended ingredients for every skin problem, Activ Beauté has significantly impacted the personal care industry. Studio ABD was approached to design the packaging for the brand and develop the brand architecture.

Project Deliverables : Naming / Brand Visioning | Packaging Strategy & Architecture | Packaging / Brand Identity | Structural Design & Development | Mockups/ Prototypes


Activ Beauté has one purpose in mind for all its products: Active Radiance. Their finely crafted ingredients bring out the natural glow of your skin. Clean and contemporary designs will set it apart and provide a new perspective on the personal care sector. The branding and packaging should also allow expansion into unisex products in the future.


When it comes to Activ Beauté's branding and packaging, simplicity is vital. The brand needed a strong visual identity. The 'Active Radiance' symbol was visualised  based on a human skin cell structure, with radiating lines representing Beauté's core proposition which believes beauty is skin deep The minimal black and white colour palette reflects the 'no-nonsense' attitude, while the secondary metallic tones highlight brightness as a key brand asset. Single color hue gradients are refreshing & impactful & become a strong visual identifier for the brand. Clean simple typeface makes the communication sharp and clear.


Activ Beauté has already gained an immense following for its products. The products have made a mark in the personal skincare category. With great reviews online on all platforms and the lovely packs on the shelves of the consumer’s local shops, they are spreading their radiance onto the world.

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