Client Brief

Chhupe Rustam, a Prakash Jha initiative, was an unique Indian online platform for entertainment where users across the globe could showcase their talent in acting, singing & dancing. We had to launch the mobile app during the nationwide lockdown in 2020.


What does not let the hidden talent of people flourish? 

Is it the long audition queue? 

Or a 9 to 5 job?

Or “sab chhod ke ab Mumbai kese chale jaaye?”

Or maybe “kabhi sahi manch nahi mila” ?

Well, with Chhupe Rustam one does not need to worry about their profession, location or the queue of auditions..

Because now, their phone can be their stage.

A stage that would introduce the talent to the right people..

The most accessible platform ready to offer the talent with multiple opportunities.. 

Aapka Phone!

Aapka Manch!



Leveraged Independence Day Context

We leveraged the Independence Day and integrated the context of Azaadi in all our communication sent during the pre launch activities 

Leveraging Lockdown

Since the app was launched exactly at the time when there was a lockdown in the country, we conceptualized our communication relevant to the scenario where people were not able to come out of their home for the auditions. 

Leveraging Tiktok Ban 

The ban on Tiktok was announced during June and there was no such other platform for the audience who were active on Tiktok. We targeted the audience interested and inclined towards short video sharing platforms because this audience uses Tiktok to express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing, etc.

Digital Storytelling Video

While working from their homes, our teams put all their expertise and efforts. 

From scripting to post-production, the entire process was carried out while working from home and featuring Prakash Jha himself.

Influencer Marketing

We made our communication more persuasive by reaching out to relevant social media influencers. 

Our powerful partnership with social media influencers started a wave of user generated content. 

Engaging Social Media Activities 

We planned our communication strategy by keeping in mind that every message going out should resonate well with the audience, and create a bigger and far-reaching impact for Chhupe Rustam. And, hence we planned meme marketing, topical creatives and engagement-driven activities to accomplish the same. 


We were able to generate a far reaching impact for Chhupe Rustam.

  • 50,442+ App Install 
  • 29,88,272+ Facebook impressions
  • 20,18,516+ Instagram impressions 
  • 47,74,063+ Impressions on Google

And that too in just 1 month.



  1. Pune



Category Experience


51-100 Employees

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