InLife Healthcare, 2020

Increasing Sales of FMCG Products

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Client Brief

Established in 1973, InLife Healthcare is a professionally managed Multi-Million Group that offers 100% Natural and Ayurvedic sports and wellness products.

Our Objective was:

  1. Increase sales for the health supplements offered by Inlife.
  2. Increase brand recall.
  3. Enhance return from digital campaigns.
  4. Create a good social media presence

Since InLife has multiple products under different categories, we segregated these products into 4 different product lines and came up with 4 unique positioning for each of these product lines. These positionings were communicated using 4 different central communication theme (in the form of a hashtag which was consistent in all our communication)   

  1. For product lines- Vitamins & Supplements, Ayurveda & Herbs and Health Foods & Juices.
    • #RahoHealthyHamesha
  2. For product line- Sports Nutrition
    • #YourFitnessEssential
  3. For product line- Beauty & Personal Care
    • #YourSelfCareCompanion
  4. For product line- Vegan Protein Meal Replacement Shake
    • #HarSipMeinHealth

Once the campaign idea was conceptualized, we followed an integrated marketing approach where we focused on:

  • Branding- To enhance brand awareness & credibility & to design consistent communication
  • Performance Marketing- To increase sales with good ROI
  • Engaging Social Media Activity- To create strong digital presence & build a community of people inclined towards health & wellness
  • Influencer Marketing Activity- To increase the awareness of the newly launched product and to create the buzz around the product
  1. Segregated campaigns for e-commerce based on interest areas and keywords to reach out to the relevant audience.
  2. Strategic grouping of the products as per the cost, sales and their performance.
  3. Focused on remarketing campaigns. Also, implemented the cross-selling of products.
  4. Reached to relevant Influencers, during the Launch of new product- Vegan Protein Meal Replacement Shake.
  5. Suggested various interactive campaigns like Twitter Q&A, Instagram contests, etc. to drive platform-specific engagement.
  6. Micro campaigns on social media to drive engagement and awareness about new launches.
  7. Responsible marketing campaign around Covid-19 crisis.
  8. Shared health awareness & fitness related informational content.

Additionally we also did…

  1. Full fledged Product Launch Campaign (Ads + Social Media + Influencer Marketing)

Not only we achieved far reaching impact in terms brand awareness & brand recall, but also gave tough competition to the competitors with :

  • 4X Growth in Return on Ad Spend 
  • 37% Increase in Overall Sales 
  • 15000+ Reach through Influencer Marketing 
  • 57% Rise in Engagement on Social Media

InLife Healthcare

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