GoEgo Network, 2022


Content Marketing Performance Based Marketing
Client Brief

GoEgoNetwork is an upcoming brand of the EV charging ecosystem in India. They are committed to continuous growth in order to build a robust and reliable network of high-quality charging stations throughout the country - built and serviced entirely under the Make in India initiative.

The objective for the campaign is

To build brand awareness and generate high-quality leads using digital marketing strategies. By harnessing SRV's experience and utilizing a range of tools including Google Ads, Social Media Ads, and organic Social Media posts were created to reach the precise target group.

The campaign had 2 major target groups - Distributors (EV charger dealers and suppliers) and Institutions (Retails owners, malls, housing societies, colleges/universities).

The objective was to generate quality leads from both the campaigns - Distributor specific and Institution specific. Operating on a stringent timeline, all tasks, objectives and deliverable were obtained in a time-bound manner for the success of this campaign.


Separate communication strategies for Distributors and Institutions-

  • Creative communication was curated in such a way that it addressed the issues and pain points of Distributors.
  • Attractive USPs specific to Institutions were highlighted in the creative and caption.
  • ARAI certifications and recognitions of GoEgoNetwork were highlighted in order to establish credibility.
  • The product was made clearly visible on the creative

Platforms- Google SERP, Facebook+Instagram, LinkedIN, WhatsApp, Press Release on Leading Media Houses


Landing page communication -

  • Separate landing pages were developed for Distributor and Institutions
  • Created a Landing Page, which allowed the users to consume all the information related to the project at once.
  • Chatbot - Smatbot was installed for queries. 

Social media presence -

  • In order to increase brand awareness, an active social media presence was maintained across all social media platforms.
  • Information about products USPs and brand offerings were clearly communicated via social media.
  • For Distributor campaign promotion - Posts about newly onboarded distributors were created and boosted.
  • Facebook ads were activated to boost brand awareness and received 35% more engagement on the social media platform.
  • 1000+ leads
  • 90 chargers sold
  • 10 distributors onboarded
  • 35% more engagement on Facebook

GoEgo Network

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