Client Brief

MIT- World Peace University, Pune is the world's first university for life transformation through value-based education systems. With over 40 years of a rich legacy, more than 100,000+ global alumni, 15,000+ students on campus & 150+ programs, MIT-WPU strives to be the leading university of excellence by integrating a 'Life Changing curriculum' across various professional study programs.

The university’s 2019 admission season saw some major challenges such as a 34% decrease in JEE applicants, along with a 54% decrease in applicants from the state of Gujarat.

With the sole objective of meeting the long felt need for a center of scientific and educational research, which would meet the challenges of the present and the future, MIT Group of Institutions was established as a society and charitable trust.

Since then, the MIT Group of Institutions has grown exponentially and has made a strong impact in the field of education throughout the country.

Today, the MIT Group provides education in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Marine Engineering, Insurance, Distance Education, Telecom Management, Lighting, Design, Food & Technology, Retail Management, Masters in Business Administration, School of Government and School Education.


Zone Wise bifurcation of the campaign:

  • Zone A - Region with the best performance and the most relevance
  • Zone B - Most likely to perform based on previous years’ statistics
  • Zone C - The university is known in this region, but it requires greater exposure
  1. Giving the students a reason to join the university
  2. Assuaging parents' concerns about their children's safety
  3. Spreading positive news / word on internet about University / Academics / Placements
  4. Improvise lead nurturing strategy to get the leads converted within a shorter period of time.
  5. Improve the campaign based on the results of the previous year's campaign and optimise the budget for the most effective targeting
  6. Explore new platforms to promote niche programs and newly launched programs in order to get qualified leads


We used the following platforms -

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Bing
  4. Google DV360
  5. Inshorts
  6. LinkedIn
  • As MITWPU has amazing placement records with 37.26 LPA as university's highest package, we have used it as primary USP and promoted it through Google Search, Google Display / Remarketing, Youtube, Facebook Ads. Also promoted other USPs.
  • To allay parents' concerns about their children's safety, we began marketing online teaching infrastructure before the government granted permission to begin physical classes. We also used Webinars and counseling to share the precautions taken at the university to prevent the spread of Covid - 19.
  • As a result of the pandemic all the national and state level entrance exams were indefinitely postponed. In order to convert the students before the national and state level exam we launched MIT-WPU university entrance exams such as UGPET, PGPET, WPU-MAT and WPU-MEET.
  • WPU-MEET was launched as a replacement for JEE and MHT-CET exams. WPU-MEET exam dates and results were carefully positioned before MHT-CET and JEE exam dates in order to encourage early student acquisition.
  • Similarly WPU-MAT was an alternative for MAH-CET exam and exam dates were carefully placed before the state entrance exam which resulted in maximum conversion.
  • The UGPET and PGPET exams were used to gain admission to a university for undergraduate and postgraduate programs through an entrance exam.
  • Multiple operations such as Press releases, Inshorts advertising, SMS campaigns, ads on listing portas, emailers, WhatsApp sessions, voice blasts, etc were executed in order to promote the newly launched university entrance exams dates and other details.
  • In India, 225 million individuals use YouTube on a regular basis, with the largest age group being 15-25, which is our target demographic. So we explored Discovery marketing to reach our target demographic and received over 12000+ conversions as a result
  • Several press releases were issued to raise brand awareness, introducing new programs launched and promoting the flagship programs
  • Lead nurturing operations were carried out on a regular basis using Google Remarketing ads, Mailers, Webinars, WhatsApp blasts, Voice blasts, SMS and WhatsApp sessions
  • We've also run study abroad campaigns to entice students from various nations by highlighting the benefits of studying in India and employing variety of unique approaches depending on the country


  • 49.54% of growth in the search volume than last year 2019, 2020 in brand keyword search volume (MITWPU).
  • Rise in Google Trends from Branding Perspective.
  • 25% increase in the overall application count.
  • 19.23% Increase in application from SRV Media.
  • 58.2% increase in campaign budget.

Also executed more than 1.4 Crore+ SMS, 7001450 Emailers, 10+ WhatsApp sessions, 893219 voice blasts for lead nurturing while ensuring that the landing page was highly optimized to answer the exact need of the users.



  1. Pune



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