Europa Locks, 2020

Creative Social Media Strategy

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Client Brief

Europa Locks, with 2nd largest market share in the locking industry, stands apart as an enviable niche in the industry. However, it had very little engagement and almost zero brand recall. 

Our Objective was to build a strong digital presence and increase recall for the brand. Along with this, we had to launch their New Product called ‘Protekto’


Since we wanted to generate a good recall of Europa Locks’ social media presence, we focused on two important aspects of social media marketing:

  1. Unique Social Brand Identity- A unique identity on social media for a better recall
  2. The Quirky approach for Content Creation- Audience on social media related well with it and no other competitors were doing the same.
  1. Created a series of posts which portrayed comparisons between prominent symbols of strength and Europa’s locks, with striking visuals and quirky taglines.
  2. Designed a mascot that resonated with Europa’s technicians.
  3. Shared value-adding content focused on providing home security tips.
  4. Highlighted the the unique features with catchy visuals.
  5. Leveraged viral social media trends (moment marketing) to gain the extra coverage.

Not only did we achieve far reaching impact in terms brand awareness & brand recall, but  we also made sure that our page stands out from  the competitors 

  • 126. 2% Organic Increase in Followers on Instagram
  • 520.21% Increase in Total Engagement on Instagram 
  • 121.45% More Organic Engagement than One of Biggest Competitors on social media.

And that too in just 3 months.


Europa Locks

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