INIFD Kothrud, 2021

Building Community of Fashion Designers & Interior Designers

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Ad Campaign for iNIFD

Ad Campaign for iNIFD
Client Brief

iNIFD Kothrud is a pioneering design institute that equips aspirants with essential skills and competencies, with the best of opportunities for Fashion & Interior Design.

Our objective were:

  • To increase awareness and recall about INIFD Kothrud and its Fashion Designing/Interior Designing programs.
  • Get applications for the Fashion Design/Interior Design programmes offered.

We came up with a strong, engaging & relevant campaign idea- #SketchYourAmbitions

  • It represented the main offering of iNIFD Kothrud aptly and helped the institute to resonate with the aspirants.
  • We used the #SketchYourAmbitions as the central campaign theme and took an integrated marketing communication approach to build a unique & unified voice for iNIFD Kothrud on every digital platform.  

We strategically conceptualized the performance marketing campaign where we :

  1. Built a dedicated landing page (standalone web page), created specifically for #SketchYourAmbitions campaign
  2. An ‘Informative Thank You Page’ was also created that solved two purpose :
    • A memorable experience for the aspirants to build top of the mind recall.
    • Aspirants got the information which is extremely important for them to choose a Fashion/Interior Design institute.
  3. We did performance marketing campaign to generate quality leads of aspirants 
  4. We nurtured the potential candidates through email marketing & engaging social media activity.
  5. We posted extremely fresh, value-adding & engaging content on social media channels of iNIFD Kothrud which helped us build a strong & dedicated community of Aspirants, Alumni of iNIFD Kothrud & people from the Fashion/Interior Design industry
  1. Our integrated marketing approach built a strong top of the mind recall for iNIFD Kothrud and an effective performance for increased quality admissions lead counts. 
  2. We started getting: 30 leads per day with 70% Interest rate of the leads and 3% leads to admission ratio.
  3. We were able to build an engaging and loyal community on social media channels. 
  4. Specifically on Instagram, which is the go to platform for the current generations (our TG- Fashion/Interior Design Aspirants), we generated 
    • 46.67 % increase in Followers 
    • 29% Increase in the Engagement

INIFD Kothrud

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