Finar Limited, 2020

Brand Awareness & Product Launch

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Client Brief

Finar is a Life Sciences Company with over 1000 products across diversified product categories such as Pharmaceutical Excipients and Solvents, Food Grade Additives, Aquaculture Specialties, etc. 

Being in one of a kind B2B segment & with a very low digital presence, Finar was struggling with the time consuming process of generating quality leads. This has led to high conversion cycles. 

  • After a thorough research about the industry & the competitors, we concluded that the website needs to match the customers expectation & the global standard. Hence, we decided to revamp the Website. 
  • We strategize for SEO activities to build brand awareness.
  • To increase the ROI & reduce the CPL, we decided to use the most effective performance marketing campaign on digital platforms (Facebook & Google) 
  • To enhance the digital presence, we strategize for an Eye-Catchy Social Media Activities
  • Products were bifurcated into 4 segments- Lab Chem, Pharm, Aqua and Food. 
  • Each segment was strategically targeted to the relevant audience based on their need. 
  • SEO activities were done based on the demand for the particular products from the respective segment bifurcated.
  • Video campaign was done to increase the engagement of the audience with the ads
  • Remarketing campaign was done: 
    • To target the audiences who are more likely to convert. 
    • To keep the Finar brand at top of the mind by strategically showing ads to interested audiences. 
  • Did social media marketing in line with the B2B industry Finar caters to. Here we not only highlighted the products offered by Finar, but also shared value-adding content to build a community of people & potential buyers interested in life science products.
  • Achieved 3X ROI from paid search campaign.
  • 10% Conversion Rate from the website visits.
  • 50% Decrease in cost per lead.
  • 70% Increase in organic leads/inquiries.
  • Overall website traffic increased by 50%
  • 10 out of 10 keywords selected for SEO ranked on the 1st page of google search results  
  • 125.64% Increase in brand keyword search volume

Finar Limited

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