Deloitte US, 2022

CIAM solution

Corporate Film / AV Explainer Videos
By Sole Number 7

CIAM solution

Client Brief
The Deloitte team wanted to create a storyline explainer video with animation for their CIAM solution. The plot follows how healthcare information has previously been hacked and how the customer requires a more secure and trusted way to access his online information.
We collaborated to create a script that conveys the message clearly and succinctly. The storyboard, which lists the images that will accompany the script, is created in collaboration between our research team and the script writer. Our editor, grading team, graphics team, and sound design team all contributed their best creative work to help us finish the project on time. To complete the task, the brand marketing team collaborated well with the project management team.
It was greatly appreciated by the client.

Deloitte US

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