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Client Brief

When Sri Krishna Sweets came to Smudge they were an age old business in a quickly growing market. They needed a
eye-catching packaging that would make their products stand out on the shelf. Sri krishna sweets is mostly known for their
handcrafted sweets, core values that support sustainability, locally-sourced ingredients, a product of uncompromising quality, and most importantly—tradition.


Sri krishna Sweets had undeniable experience with producing and marketing their product, but were hoping to re establish their foothold in the market- place with a new and more current look. We were tasked with the creation of a brand language that
could expand to encapsulate their evolving needs, as well as the associated items necessary at each step of the process.


Sri krishna Sweets has served up smiles since 1948, but over time its product line had become fragmented and brand look,
dated. With many label brands co-opting common product lines, it resulted in a loss of market share. Smudge decided to
streamline its visual language and differentiate it from competitors. As Sri krishna sweets grew over the years, new
products had become brands in and of themselves. This created a fragmented product line and inefficient use of
marketing resources. We restructured the brand architecture to unify its product line and optimize marketing spend.

Smudge Design


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