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Trigenisis Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. (TGB), a robust and vibrant pharmaceutical company, is the latest venture of the Trigenisis Group of companies. Their Vision is to inspire and contribute to a healthier nation, its communities, and its environment. Their Mission is to be committed to providing safe, efficacious, and most advanced pharmaceuticals with quality defined by the doctors who prefer them, by patients who refer them, by associates who benefit from them, and by our employees who work hard on them.  

Brief - We were approached to work on the Brand Identity, style Guide, logo, tagline, and the entire corporate identity in short. We were the one’s who created the voice, story, mission and vision of the brand that helped to convey the right message to its customers. 


The idea behind creating a great look and feel for the brand was to help trigenisis to increase their brand value and to call more people who are in dire need of care, quality medication, and quality life. The company wanted to increase its value in the market as a vibrant pharmaceutical company that aims to contribute to a healthier living, quality living, and providing great care.   


We created their logo and tagline which spoke – Quality defined. As per the logo, it showcased a human being living a quality life.   

Our team of experts worked day and night to create the perfect corporate identity and look and feel for the brand. After ample research and looking up the competition we gave Trigenisis the right voice. Our dedicated team came up with the best designs and gave Trigenisis a boost.   


We made the client extremely happy and content. Through the perfect corporate identity we helped Trigenisis to reach a larger audience and help increase its sales.  

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