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Viatris is redefining the healthcare landscape. Their unique capabilities, commitment, and vision position us to help meet the world’s evolving healthcare needs through access, leadership, and partnership. 

SKEPPER was approached to create many key visuals for Reparil Ice Spray. Reparil Ice Spray is an effective ice-spray that provides cooling relief, especially in case of sports injuries. This spray gives effective relief for contusions, sprains, muscle cramps, and haematoma formation. Ice-spray is suitable as first aid for sports-related blunt injuries 


The core idea was to sell Reparil Ice Spray to sportsmen. To make them aware that Reparil is a great healer for injuries in any sports. One could go ahead and play sports to its truest form as Reparil was there to save the day. 


Keeping the benefits of Reparil in mind, we had to come up with several key visuals. We developed unique visuals that targeted sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, and ice hockey. The visuals revolved around injuries related to each of the above sports 

A man injured himself in football and the coach held a board saying – It’s time for Reparil. This same idea was followed in other sporting activities.  


- We as a team learned about how to manipulate images and work with several at once 

- A concept liked by the client in the very first go 

- We also learned about storytelling and engaging with a great call to actions 

- A great series of work creating catharsis with sportsmen 

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