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Mylan, a global pharmaceutical company that is committed to setting new standards in healthcare and providing 7 billion people access to high-quality medicine. Today, Mylan has become a part of Viatris, whose mission is to redefine the healthcare landscape. Their motto is to follow three terms: access, leadership, and partnership – that would help to make the world a healthier place.   

Brief: We were approached to help with the National Sales Meet in Warsaw, Poland. At the client's request, we designed a logo that would signify diversity 


The idea behind the logo was to encourage salespeople and motivate them to do better. By switching on new possibilities one can reach greater heights 


Our team of experts designed a fabulous logo. The logo was in the shape of a fingerprint depicting diversity, and a horizon of new possibilities. Each fingerprint is unique and different, thus we decided to go with that. 

Inside the logo, there is a switch on the button – which says one can switch on new possibilities with Viatris. Around the logo, there are three lines depicting access, leadership, and partnership. 



The logo was a massive hit and used in the meet. The clients appreciated our uniqueness and hard-work and we completed the project on time! 


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