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Viatris, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry with aims to lead the world in living a healthy lifestyle reached out to us to help them design a campaign as well as a logo for a new initiative of theirs called MyWellness. This initiative would be an internal one and would offer employees a range of different activities to participate in to help them better integrate with the workplace as well as to meet all their needs and necessities.


Our team at Skepper came together to brainstorm ideas for a logo to represent this initiative. We took in the ideas that the client has wished to portray though this initiative and came up with specific logo ideas for it.


Our work was greatly appreciaOnce these ideas were done; our designers came forward to bring these ideas to life. They created various drafts from the ideas generated. When all of these drafts were submitted to the client, they were overwhelmed by choice. But finally, they were appreciative of our enthusiasm and even praised us for our creative work.ted by the client and they promised us with future creative projects.

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