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Client Brief

The Muss Mini Marathon was celebrating four years and taking place on the 13th of December, 2020 at Mahidol University. We were approached to create collaterals for this event and make it a huge success through our various contributions



The idea was to motivate people to take part in the 4.2K and 10.2K run in Thailand and make the event not only memorable but admirable in look and feel. ​


Working on various collaterals for the event, we worked on the booth, the logo, the theme of the event, registration page, shirt designs, medals, backdrop, banners, etc.


Keeping the content and the color combination the same, we came up with logo options. Since the event is a 4.2k and 10.2k marathon in Thailand we came up with an idea that would showcase people running. ​

The idea is to reveal the energy and bring about liveliness


Through the theme, we wanted to focus that Muss Mini Marathon is for people from all backgrounds and cultures. It was inclusive and this is the 4th year of the marathon. ​

Registration Page

We also ideated a registration page. People were shown running. These people were men, women – in short, the marathon was open to all. The purpose of the four bars behind the individuals running was to indicate that this is the 4th year of the marathon. ​

The page provided all kinds of information and called out to people from all over to register for this prestigious marathon. ​

Shirt designs

We had enormous fun designing the new shirts for the marathon. We changed the color, the look, and the design of the shirt and most importantly added a new logo. ​

The shirts were progressive and athletic in their look and feel. Our mission was to attract more and more runners to wear these shirts and feel like they were a part of something big, crucial, and memorable!​


We also designed medals for the event. The medal was outlined with stars of different sizes. Inside the medal, one would find runners running towards the fire and 4th mini-marathon is thrown light at. ​

Mylan booth

We also created a small stall for Mylan where one found large product displays, certain games that engaged the runners, all types of refreshments, and also a stretching area that helped runners to get ready and warm up for the race!

Also, all registrations took place in the Mylan booth and a message on the screen was shown side by side to motivate the runners for the Muss Mini Marathon!​



Our ideas were appreciated by the client and made the marathon a huge hit!

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