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Ensure Plus is complete, balanced nutrition with extra proteins (as compared to Ensure) to help support recovery. When mixed with water can be used as a meal replacement or as a supplement to the diet, to increase both caloric and protein intake. 28 vitamins and minerals including immune-supporting micronutrients. 

We were asked to create the look and feel of the brand. We worked on the packaging and how the brand will be presented to the customers. We worked on the boxes, cartons, bottles, and other identities. 


Shine light on the product and how it helps to nourish the body. To tell various people out in the world how they can build on their immunity through Ensure Plus


We created designs that were immensely appealing to the eye of the customer. The packaging also contained information about the product and its usage.


The client loved the packaging and it surely helped to attract more eyes towards the brand.


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