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Amphotericin B is an antifungal medication used for serious fungal infections and leishmaniasis. AmBisome is a bioengineered Nanoparticle that specifically targets and destroys Fungai that cause life-threatening infections. Its unique liposomal construction includes phospholipids, cholesterol, and amphotericin B.  

Brief: We were approached to create an explainer video for Ambisome using scientific visuals and scientific elements. The video was to captivate the attention of the right target audience and persuade them that the usage of Ambisome is a great treatment.   


The main objective behind creating this scientific video was to inform our patients that AmBisome Liposome is capable of preventing the Fungai to reach target organs and to decrease renal toxicity.   

Phospholipids face a prominent challenge - They change their state from gel to liquid to crystalline at the phase transition temperature. Beyond the transition temperature phospholipids of the liposome bilayers become permeable and cause leakage of the drug into the body before the drug reaches the target infection.    


AmBisome being more stable than similar drugs prevent this phase transition even at a temperature of 55 degrees. The high-temperature tolerance of AmBisome helps the drug to reach the fungal membrane and destroy it completely, thus remaining curable and safe.  


The procedure was complex and long, however, our creative team did a great job. First, we made a storyboard, based on that we created the 3d models, and animated it with the help of 3Ds max software. The video was scientific and appealing to the eye.  


Our Motion Graphic team created a great and engaging video that educated individuals about the safety and its curable effectiveness of Ambisome. Through the video the message was clear - AmBisome provides a safer and quicker solution to fight against fungal infection and protect vital organs from a wide spectrum of Fungai.   


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