Client Brief

Unilever, through 'Transform',  has partnered with Dharma Life (an NGO working with rural India to drive inclusive progress) to create a larger alliance to support and empower rural India through and beyond this harsh pandemic.

They have created a program that will disseminate crucial information, support the community through positive & purposeful initiatives, provide mental and physical health guidance in partnership with expert, create livelihood opportunities and help bring essential products and services to the last mile. 

We were tasked to conceptually package and promote this program at the ground and social media level, to address both audiences relevant to the alliance - the beneficiaries and the partners. 


So far we have promoted this program, highlighting the humanity and community approach at the centre of it, as: 

WE FOR VILLAGE for partners, funders & donors
SANGRAM (Sang = Together. Gram = Village.) for beneficiaries across 4 states. 

We brought all the different moving parts into one naming architecture framework:

Sangram Shiksha: the information arm of the Sangram initiative tasked with the efficient spread of official government information by simplifying language barriers and creating engaging communication.

Sangram Seva: seeks to create a culture of empathy through various remotely conducted workshops and seeks to give people a sense of purpose by creating and encouraging a healthy and functioning support structure in the community.

Sangram Shakti: encompasses programs geared towards empowerment of rural women. These programmes are spread over the core areas of skill-building, job creation and business support and involve

Sangram Saathi: attempts to study the psychological effects of Covid-19 on rural populations and suggest and implement relevant interventions.

Sangram Swasthya: to protect and preserve good rural health through nutrition programmes, health camps, digitising of the menstrual health programme and other health-related initiatives. 

Sangram Service: takes the responsibility of repairing and building an effective supply chain network to ensure regular supply of essentials and create business and employment opportunities for individuals.



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