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Thalassemia Major, is a cruel blood disorder. It is passed on by Thalassemia Minor parents to their child (due to lack of awareness and testig), its creates physical deformities, patients require regular blood transfusion to stay alive and many succumb to this deadly disorder in their 30s or even younger.

During the pandemic, with limited access to clinics and with the patients from poor communities losing their family income - the threat to life multiplied. A Thalassemia Major patient can die if they do not receive thier timely blood transfusion. 

The Wishing Factory, an NGO that works for the well-being of Thalassemia patients, briefed us to come up with a campaign to help  aise funds to support such patients through a Ketto campaign. 


Crowdfunding so a lot of traffic during the pandemic with many NGO putting up campaigns to support their communities during these tough times.

It was important to find a way to get attention to the plight of Thalassemia Major patients, who are high risk as patients anyway and the lack of funds for the transfusion challenges their lives in more ways than one. 

The idea came from what saves and secures their life...

The blood bag. Its only when these blood bags are overturned that life flows into a Thalassemia patient. Thats how our idea was born 


where, supported by 3 celebrities, Kunal Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Quereshi, we asked social media to post 'ulta' pictures of themselves to create awareness for the plight of Thalassemia major patients and raise funds to support their transfusion. While the blood bags are provided free by the government, they still need approximately INR 5000 for the related costs, without which the transfusion is not possible or ideal. Thats what the campaign was helping raise, one 'ulta' picture at at time. We launched this campaign on World Thalassemia Day, 8 May 2020. 


We managed to raise INR 10 lacs in a 3 week period,  more than the NGO had ever raised via crowdfunding prevsiously. This money went towards supporting 70 patients for over 6 months, helping them survive through this difficult time.

We saw 20 top celebrities taking part in this challenge and over 2500 posts overall, with a reach of over 50 million which helped us create awareness for The Wishing Factory and garner support for life saving blood transfusions. We also got covered by media extensively during the first week of the campaign. 



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