Learning 4 Impact, 2020

The Unreached

Website & App Development
By Siriti

Reaching the unreached - concept and characters

Reaching the unreached - concept and characters

Concept posters

Concept posters

Concept toolkit

Concept toolkit
Client Brief

Swasti is 'Health Catalyst' organization based in Bangalore, was envisioned  to transform the lives of the marginalised communities by ensuring their access to quality healthcare. It partners with various players with the health ecosysted to address diverse health challenges.

One such challege was healthcare access to certain communities. Swasti's research helped them identify 5 such groups and 6 major barriers. The brief was to package this wisdom into a campaign that could help the health industry, public and private, become aware of this healthcare access issue in a more engaging manner, so that they could contribute towards fighting these barries in their own way. 

It was about gettting this issue on the radar and champion inclusion. 


Instead of putting out information, we chose to bring this issue alive through a concept and characters. We created isometric characters to represent each of these 5 groups and developed a concept called:

Reaching the Unreached, to create awareness about the barriers they face. This gave the issue a more engaging narrative, conceptually and visually. 



The campaign was well received and it let to further funding to develop toolkits and other resources to help address the health access barriers in a more robust and sustainable way. 


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