Client Brief

Artis, is in a very competitive market which is as much lifestyle as it is audio accesories. The category it competes in is the value for money space where other players have already garnered a lions share of the market and have deep pockets for marketing. In this space, Artis traditionally a B2B player, had to transition to the consumer space and relaunch its brand.

The brief was to create a disruptive space which can help get share of attention and share of market over time. 


One way, at least in theory, is to compete with the major players in a category is to out shout them by out spending them. However, the smarter way is to find a strong consumer appeal and follow through as a brand. The competition limited the conversation to look, finish, features and used celebrities to say the same things louder.

So we decided to position Artis as a brand that cares deeply about the sound that it brings to its audiene.

Sound means so much to us, does so much for us - its time to love it back. That's where the campaign of 'LOVE YOUR SOUND' came from.

It's a deep thought, reaching the mind and heart of the consumer, while still being young and fun. We launched this campaign with a never before done  idea by creating the

#ArtisSoundStation on their Instagram profile page. We converted their page into a sound pad, where you could play the 7 music notes and make your own melodies. What better way to Love Your Sound right! 


We saw a 7X weekly increase in followers within 2 weeks of starting this campaign. We increased the community size by 50% in just two weeks, from 2500 to over 3800. And it's just the beginning...



  1. Mumbai



Category Experience


11-25 Employees

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