Client Brief

Chalo is a tracking (and ticketing) app that lets the commuter know where their bus is. While in the mega metros, time is money and the time saving advantage of the app is a strong enough proposition - we noticed that in the smaller towns, saving time is not as big a benefit.

We had to come up with different value proposition, more than just saving time, and build a campaign around it. 


Every minute has a moment hidden in it. Thats the insight we worked with.  We raised the advantage of saving a few of minutes before going to the bus stop to the benefit of special moments that those minutes can give us. Thats how our idea came about:

'Kuch Pyare Pal Churao'

This came alive through a 3 film and social media campaign. 



The campaign reached 17.4 million people, engaged 7.9 million people, and generated 981K app downloads (4-week Organic Retention) increased from 33% to 36%.

Before the campaign, the average monthly active users were 4 million and it went up to 6.1 million during the campaign period.   



  1. Mumbai



Category Experience


11-25 Employees

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