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According to the National Commission for Women, the cases of domestic violence doubled between January and March of this year. The lockdown, trapped women with their abusers - a helpless and desperate situation for many. Experts believe the lockdown has affected both the frequency of assaults and level of violence.

SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action) is a 20 year old NGO working on issues concerning Women and Children, and domestic violence is an area of focus for them.

They briefed us about coming up with a campaign that creates awareness about this increase of violence and to help raise funds that can allow SNEHA to ramp up its services to meet the increased need. The crowd funding campaign was hosted by Give India. 


Stuck at home due to the pandemic and trapped with their abuser - this helplessness  had to be at the heart of our Idea.

We realized that these women are hit with a double whammy - a double trap. This led to our concept:


The engagement activity for the fund raising campaign was to have influencers, their communities and then the larger social community to visit Sneha's Instagram profile page, read the stories of (9 real stories with names changed) of women are victims of domestic abuse and adopt one of those names through your post to be their voice. The intent was to have this challenge go viral, help us reach a large number of people and therefore get our fund raising appeal to a wider audience. 


We achieved the initial target of 10 lacs within a week and we extended the target to 15 lacs which we achieved withing 4 additional days. We reached 70 million people, got over 2000 posts and what was sparked of with few friends who were mid-sized influencers grew into a potent movement with celebrities from all walks of life adopting a name and sharing their posts. We had women and men celebrities from the film, fashion, media and sport supporting this initiative.

Their reach helped this campaign become a movement which was extensively covered by media, over 10 different articles, within 1 week of the campaign. It led to media interviews with the NGO team.This helped us reach our fund raising target in record time. It also but also brought about new partnership and funding opportunities with corporates. 

Sneha's Instagram community grew from 600 to over 9,000.



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