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The film Naye Rishte Naye Vaade explores the various nuances and dynamics of a relationship. Giving a subtle twist to the customary vows, the film adds a contemporary flavour to the age-old tradition. Featuring Virat and Anushka in a wedding situation, the couple promises each other of equality and mutual respect throughout their lives. The principle ideology behind this film is to establish the idea of equality and respect in a modern-day relationship and sharing every responsibility evenly.


The institution of marriage has experienced a sea change in our country with the current generation taking it on as a partnership in the truest sense of the word. They usually go through the ceremony barely understanding the 'saat vachans' they are taking. With this film, we reinterpret with a fun take, the wedding vows. And establish what marriage means to today's youth - a commitment of trust, respect and above all, to be equals.


There are over 1 million women ethnic wear stores across India. We were tasked to launch yet another one - Mohey, from the house of Manyavar. Our strategy was to leverage Manyavar’s Celebration Wear legacy and marry brand Mohey into it. Hence we decided to illustrate it with a modern take on marriage - with a spin on the seven vows. Our big Idea was a preemptive move to position Anushka Sharma as the brand ambassador of Mohey along with ViratKohli for Manyavar in this marriage.

The saat vachans, albeit sacred, had garnered a sense of light heartedness such that the millennials started to look at it as a mere tradition. What keeps every marriage alive is the promises one makes and keeps when truly and deeply in love. And therefore NAYE RISHTO KE LIYE NAYE VAADE. Beyond the 7 vows.


  After the launch of the film, Mohey gained widespread recognition and hit record sales in its launch month, with more than 2 Lakh new customers and 60% rise in footfalls. The franchise inquiries saw a sharp increase and there was an estimated 49% rise in considerations. As the advertisement connected with the youth instantly and went viral across all media platforms- social, print, and television. It received more than 1 million organic views within 3 days of launch. The social media statistics account for 10 million views to date and 21,000+ shares on social media.  The film was also critically acclaimed by notable media icons like Pritish Nandy, Karan Johar, and other Bollywood personalities


Manyavar and Mohey

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