Client Brief

Challenge: To make the prospective audiences consider investing in a home on Dhanteras. Not gold or diamonds buy Family Time.

Objective: As constant as it may sound, the time has never been one. A much variable and now a rare asset, time is the hardest to earn. But the toughest of everything is spending quality time with your loved ones.

Diwali is a time when prosperity and family are on everyone’s minds. It’s a festival when family far and near comes together. Everyone invests in the well-being and security of their families. A home falls in place as a consideration, more so in today’s times where purchases are more practical than emotional.


Buying a home is one of the biggest financial commitments of the head of the family. Dhanteras is a time when emotional decisions are made for everyone’s welfare. Our ambition was to create recall for home buying. If you’ve been thinking about buying one, now is the time to close the deal.

IDEA: Is Dhanteras Waqt Kharido

Fitting and true to the brand’s positioning — It’s Familytime


The PS Dhanteras film harps on a constant tiff that everyone is facing — lack of quality family time. In the film, various members of the family debate and argue about their Dhanteras investment. To some it is the quintessential gold, to some a new age investment like car and to the wise man shares.

But amidst everything, the film takes a subtle twist when the eldest member of the family — Dadi, proposes the wisest and the most precious investment plan-buying time for each other. The film revolves around the concept of buying a home which can house a large family, fostering relationships and nurturing FAMILY TIME.


ATL campaign - full page press launch on all regional dailies including TOI, The Telegraph and ABP. 200+ billboards across West Bengal.
Views across social media: 1 million+, in the launch month, with 8,000+ shares.
eMailer and SMS Campaign: to over 3 lac subscribers.
Enquiries: 34% rise in calls received over the 3 week period.
Conversions: 130+ purchases across 5 projects.



  1. Kolkata



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51-100 Employees

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