Client Brief

Mohey’s ambition was to be top of mind for bridal wear. Clearly wanting to establish a connection with the modern-day power women who are more aware, worldly, and wear their personalities on their sleeves.


No one goes through more emotions than a bride, before, through, and after the wedding. Overwhelming is the word, whether the wedding is big or small. What, when, why, how, why not, how come are constant questions in her mind.

The wedding wear is an answer to most of the questions. If the bridal lehenga is sorted, a lot is in place. The bride essentially needs to feel confident and comfortable. Our communication challenge was to raise the questions and answer them with our product.


What goes on in the bride’s mind. How does she manage to put her best foot forward? The story was set in the most important moment of a wedding — as the bride walks the aisle to the mandap. When all eyes are on her. Peering at her, making an impression, guests delivering their statements. Full pressure.

Alia Bhatt was a hands-down choice to be the new brand ambassador for Mohey. Candid, beautiful, vocal, and the most eligible bride. One can relate to her instantly. She draws you by her no-frills self and on point feelings.

We roped in Abhishek Verman, director of 2 States, starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor to direct the film. He has a special flair for capturing Alia’s emotions and her unparalleled facial expressions.

The script was Alia’s narration of what’s going on in her mind and how she’s navigating through, putting her best foot forward.


Views across social media: 3 million, in the launch month.
Media coverage: 475,000+ impressions, calculated via
Sales spurt: 39% rise in the wedding quarter - September 2019 to January 2020.
Franchise enquiries - Up 21%.


Manyavar/ Vedant Fashions Private Limited

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