Dainik Jagran, 2019

Deepa Karmakar - Dainik Jagran

Social Media Content Animation and Modeling Graphic Design
By Shades and Motion
Client Brief

Kids are learning about the world from their homes, from the community, classrooms, peer groups, media, and multiple other sources of information. Social Learning Theories tell us that learning can be shaped by the environment that we dwell in and the information we consume. In a constantly changing world, values are often the first casualty. In such an environment, for children to be prepared to handle the challenges of a fast changing world, holistic growth is critical. Dainik Jagran, through Sanskarshala , attempts to contribute to this holistic learning process - so that our kids of today become aware, responsible and confident young citizens of tomorrow.

This 'school of values' homes more than  1.2 million students to whom they try & propagate stories of hope, positivity, & optimism. 


We approached with a simple idea of regurgitating the written content, that earlier was being published like stories, in video animation making it more relevant & interesting for the target audience. Instead of asking a kid to read, we wanted him/her to enjoy the content and elicit the learning in a fun way and then move to newspaper for further enlightenment.



Launched in September 2018, Jagran Sanskarshala within few weeks only catered more than 3,00,000 unique eyeballs and is still counting.  Along with the shift in newspaper circulation, social media handles are now floating up with new viewers each week. 


Dainik Jagran

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