Blue Ribbon - ANTARA

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By Shades and Motion

Antara finds her confidence, through her voice.

Client Brief

Brief -  We received a thesis on how to deal with anxiety and low confidence for students & teenagers. With the same thought, we formulated a story of a girl who goes through alot in school and finds herself, through her voice. We had to create a 3 minute long video for kids to watch and learn. 



To give a voice to a girl who hardly spoke in front of others. Her voice should captivate the audience even if they hear it on their devices.


We made multiple character sketches and rejected them all. Then we stumbled upon Antara on a Tuesday morning at 4 am.
We hummed a tune that became her song, simlutaneously finding a singer who could deliver the emotions, before the animation had even begun. We contacted music directors and began the work.


The storyboard consisted of about 45-50 frames that we later clubbed in color along with animation.



played in all schools across India and was even asked to give POV, as a question in the final exmaination question papers.



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