Client Brief

While Pravin Masalewale is a leading food brand, known, used and trusted across India, the brand’s primary channel of communication is through its distribution network. The brand entrusted us with devising a national campaign for showcasing its range of Suhana Blended Spices.


We used this thought to empower the homemakers and chefs across the country by allowing them to prepare authentic Indian delicacies that belonged to a different region. For example, South Indian dishes prepared in North India and so on. It also weaved in the brand positioning of ‘Tastemakers of India’.


The products offered under the umbrella of Suhana Blended Spices were such that they offered food specialties from different regions of India. We identified the fact that the products resonated a thought process that was inherent to India and its culture – unity in diversity.


  • The TVC was released primarily on the Colors network during primetime slots across 5 different languages.
  • It resulted in the sale of blended spices going up by 600 tonnes in the following quarter.
  • The brand, for the first time, moved away from transactional to emotional communication.
  • It gave unprecedented motivation to the Sales team at Brand Suhana.



  1. Pune



Category Experience


51-100 Employees

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