Client Brief

Guardian Developers had worked out an offer for home buying that had multiple benefits for the home buyer, including no bank loans and no shallow benefits. The clutter of offers in the market made it mandatory for them to present this offer properly, or else it would not effectively register itself in the public eye, and just fade away.


We created a bold typographic communication that would catch the attention of the audience and hold on to it. The key phrase that drove this communication was – If you think it’s a gimmick, you’ll regret it forever. It created a sense of urgency for the buyer. A grand 10-day exhibition was conducted for people to walk-in, interact and decide.


The campaign was well recieved by the audience and helped garner interactions with over 30,000+ consumers. Eventually they scored 900+ bookings out of which 100+ were through the micro-site.



  1. Pune



Category Experience


51-100 Employees

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