Client Brief

Redefining the promotion of Marathi theatre through digital media, complemented by strategic mainline support. While OTT platforms promote web series and other content aggressively, the promotion of Marathi theatre has remained stagnant over the years. Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta, starring Prashnat Damle and Kavita Medhekar, wanted to reach out to the audience more effectively.


As we moved closer to the first show, we integrated the play’s promotion with a brand that had a similar target audience. A strategic collaboration with Ravetkar Housing was executed through outdoor media. It gave a wider reach to the play, along with the brand. Contextual and topical promotions were done innovatively around various festivals and online trends. This gave the play a dynamic personality and allowed it to engage with a wider audience. This refreshing promotion strategy, saw the play witness its first 100 shows, house-full.


We crafted an extensive and impactful promotion strategy around digital media, a ‘first’ for Marathi theatre. Using tools like candid videos of Prashant Damle for Facebook Live, we created curiosity about the play in the lead up to its first show. This was complemented by recreating the iconic song ‘Mala Saanga‘ from the play Eka Lagnachi Goshta, featuring the same duo, about 2 decades ago. The video went viral with close to a million views.


This refreshing promotion strategy, saw the play witness its first 100 shows, house-full. Today the play has reached 400 shows count.



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