Parakh Agro Industries Ltd., 2018

Bringing Daadi-Naani's blessing 'Acche se khana' to make food cooked in Vilina Oil a boon of taste and health!

Communication Design
Client Brief

Vilina has been in the market as a brand for quite some years. Their refined sunflower oil has been used and loved by cooking enthusiasts and women alike. However the brand needed a pull and a fresh outlook to appeal to its modern as well as traditional audiences.


We came up with an emotional hook 'Acche Se Khana' and made the brand a household name with multiple media, outdoor, print and radio advertisments.  


The thought of 'Acche Se Khana' connected the idea of eating well, a blessing our Daadis and Naanis have always given us. With Vilina, fearless cooking and enjoying good health was possible! We got that message through. 


Parakh Agro Industries Ltd.

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