Emmbi Industries Limited, 2021

Avana - Brand Campaign

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Client Brief

India is an agrarian economy which is still extensively dependent on monsoons. Avana, the flagship brand of Emmbi Industries Limited that specialises in creating innovative affordable farming technologies, offers a huge range of products that are designed to empower the farmers and enrich their farming experience and returns. Pond liner, or Jalsanchay as it is called, is one such critical product that aims to resolve the irrigation and water storage problem, in a revolutionary manner.


Popular actor Sayaji Shinde, who is a known and relatable face in Maharashtra's rural areas, plays a progressive farmer in the campaign's TVC. The TVC shows how everyone in the village seeks his advice because his decision to use Avana pond liner has brought ample irrigation for his farm land and much prosperity to him. The TVC also smartly gives glimpses of the application of Avana pond liner.


"कष्टाला देई फळं, Avana शेततळं!" (Avana pond liner does justice to farmer's efforts and reaps great returns), the central communication is set to become the slogan for progressive farmers in the near future.


With the monsoon set to arrive in mid-May, Avana has released the TVC across Marathi channels in March with a high frequency, to help the farmers get irrigation ready with its flagship product.


Emmbi Industries Limited

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