The Bangalore Cafe, 2019

Valentine's Day Viral Ad

Digital Films
By Running On Coffee
Client Brief

All the client said was, "We need a full house on Valentine's Day"


The idea was to let everyone's imagination run wild without directly implying anything. We wanted the user to both smile and live vicariously through our video.


During Valentine's Day, every restaurant/pub/bar have the same offerings. They all promote the season of love with beautiful decorations and offer various packages to couples.

To stand out, we decided to have a nicely decorated space and nothing else. We instead, put our focus on creating an Ad that would catch the attention of everyone.

So we did what no one would dare to do. Creating an implied 18+ video without showing anything vulgar. We let the music do all the magic the video scenes have metaphors.


The highest booked restaurant/bar on Valentine's in Bangalore (even though it is a Veg place which doesn't serve alcohol)

We hit 150 reservations in less than a day from the video launching and had the place booked from early evening at 6pm to all the way upto 1am.


The Bangalore Cafe

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