Client Brief

Pandemic has shown such uncertain time where people are uncertain about the decisions they need to take. Owing to the pandemic, many people have altered their future plans or have taken a detour. Shilp group through the DVC wanted to tell people that it is important to be careful during these difficult times, but even more important to continue moving forward towards your goals. 


The DVC narrates the story of a family in 2025, which, like any other family today, was unable to make decisions due to the prevailing uncertainties. Recounting some of the troubles faced during the pandemic, the family made uncompromising choices, and is now (2025) happy and living a great life.


Inspired by the behavioural insights of people’s apprehensions during COVID 19, we identified the hurdles of fear and angst that led to hesitation among potential buyers. Addressing this reluctance, the DVC was a channel to bridge the gap between their desire to
buy a home and taking the necessary action for the same.


It takes a stand for Real Estate Industry and was very well appreciated by veterans in the industry. 



  1. Ahmedabad



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26-50 Employees

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