Rickshaw Communique

Client Brief

Showcase how Thar is unlike any other car


How do we do that? 

Position Thar as a one-off, as unique as its owners are.

It's a blank canvas that takes the shape and personality of its owners.

Thar is MADE OF YOU.


The Mahindra Thar is a 4-wheel drive vehicle that is legendary for its classic looks, all-terrain capabilities and, more excitingly, for its ability to be endlessly customised. Every Thar owner likes to breathe his personality into his vehicle. Which means no two Thars are the same. Hence the tagline: Made of you. We spoke to Thar owners across the country and put their passion on film.  What drives them, how the Thar changed their life and the modification they have done to make the Thar their own.  Inspiring a new generation of Thar owners and bringing alive the fact that the Thar is like no other car.   


Rickshaw Communique


  1. Mumbai




11-25 Employees

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