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Client Brief

They Needed a grand website that could represent their properties with easy navigation and understanding for the people visiting their website. It should clearly reveal the high-points of the properties to attracts the audience and engage with the website on a major scale.


The ideas was to use grand images witha ll the amenities. Utilise the open space to speak to the audience, hence we selected the images that were larger than life, had great open sky, greens and clear facilities without much obstruction.

We utilise the bran guidelines to keep the whole website minimal and concentrated to specific thought of home, property and ownership.


The website needed minimal approach with grand images and clear contrast to scoop out the essence of each properties. We also utilised the minimal approach to keep te SEO friendliness at high considering Real Estate is highly volatile and needs easy access and approach for the audience.

The content designed well in advance to keep the kwywords relevant and well distributed. 


The website is highly SEO friendly and was immidiately indexed by Google. It was purposely made light with highly optimised images and videos to give it a better push at SEO and performance marketing.

Red Cube Digital

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