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Client Brief

 Protinex wanted to  revamp the site and backend. It was to be converted from Drupal to WordPress. Some of the client expectation were -  

•       The design has to be SEO friendly.

•       The design should follow UI/UX best practices and consumer journey (e.g. when the consumer lands on the home page from social or direct how will the design keep him/her engaged to the site).

•       The subscription flow has to be designed when the user is on the site


•       Since this was a revamp we first performed a website audit which helped us understand what’s missing from the website and which part of it needed more attention.

•       We found wrong URL mapping, an ineffective site map, duplicate content which was ultimately affecting the SEO rankings. The design was not very clean and the website was not user friendly.

•       We deleted all of the duplicate/unwanted content to make sure the new site is SEO-friendly. The content audit helped us understand what was needed to be created.

•       Wireframes were made, which defined the information hierarchy, plan layouts, and have efficient navigation flow and create functionality based on how we wanted users to process the information.


•       As per the brief, the ideas was to have a SIMPLE, ENAGING and ELEGANT Website Design.

•       The user journey was kept in mind while designing the website.

•       Website has the needed CTA making the user journey smooth and easy.


•       The new website:  drastically improved user experience.

•       The new website is user friendly and also SEO friendly

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