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Yakult had quite a simple website when it was launched. It had established itself as a brand with legacy and scietific backing. Tthe website was content heavy using simple static pages. In 2016 they wanted a overhaul of the entire website with latest UI/UX with great scalability for content and robustness for later development need. It wanted to appeal to their core consumers i.e housewives and wanted to educate them about the benefits. Since its delivery system is its backbone they wanted a simple online requests form for greater ease.


The idea was to make Yakult synonymous with health mong its target audinence keeping the site simple with easy navigation and simple information. Use of Bright attractive colours with big bold texts drawing from indian motif was zeroed on. The SEO factor made it important to keep the content authentic and relevant with proper distribution of keywords with easy header and footer and menu.


The timeline for the website was 3 months with conceptualisation, content assimilation and distribution, design creation and HTMl and development. The team was headed by a project manager to keep a tab on the work flow. Most of the content were provided by them. The layouts of homepage and sitemaps were shared for approval. Once the designs were approved internal pages were designed and HTMLised in tandem. The intuitiveness and device testing were done to find any tweak needed. Once the HTML was done the development team coded the project.


The Site: was completed on time with great success. The website is highly SEO friendly and audience time was greatly increased. The easy navigation increased the flow of traffic and content has increased readability. 

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