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Fortis Escorts Heart Insititute or FEHI is recognized all over the world for its excellence in Cardiology and has set benchmarks in Cardiac Care with the use of latest technology. Fortis Escorts has around 200 experienced Cardiac Doctors and state of the art laboratories for performing investigative tests in Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Biochemistry, Haematology, Transfusion Medicine and Microbiology. FEHI teamed up with Red Cube for exhaustive brand awareness and phenomenal increase in digital reach.


Increase traffic through inorganic methodology to substantially impact form submission and enquiries for desired services.

Increase the popularity of FEHI on the digital platform through substantial increase in website traffic and meticulous improvement in the website ranking.


List out the keywords in terms of KPIs and get the website ranking on pertinent healthcare keywords subsequently resulting in a remarkable increase in web traffic. Restructure the website and make it more user friendly and responsive through informative and meaningful content.


  • An average increase of 40.4% in the visits to the website with an average of 30.1% organic growth as per Google Analytics.
  • 50+ keywords ranking on Google at 11-20th position.
  • 100+ keywords ranking on Google at the top 10 positions.

Red Cube Digital

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