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King’s College India is a British boarding school. For the first time in India, a leading British private school – King’s College, Taunton, started it’s campus in India to offer an identical education to the one received by children in the UK. But at a fraction of the cost. The school is affiliated to the Cambridge International Examinations board.  King’s  college  India aim to generate academic excellence for and create a platform for later high-performing success at IGCSE levels. 


Spread awareness and increase online reach of King’s College India all over the country. Also, increase the website traffic and number of school admissions.


Engaging users on all social media platforms via different social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn through creative and engaging  social media posts. . Also e-mailers and  Google ads talking about King’s college India. The communication focuses on full boarding facility, curriculum, campus overview  and school activities. Creating  buzz and tracking digital events for the offline marketing.  This leads us to generate more enquiries for admission.


We employed Social Media Marketing with complete hygiene check on Facebook which helped us gain good traction organically as well as inorganically. We carefully designed a standard communication on all platforms to create coherence among the audience. Our content marketing we focused on Engagement and gaining desired followers on our handles which could then be diverted to our websites.

Google Ads for Web Promotion to divert maximum traffic that resulted in enquiries were carefully planned. Once we had given a good branding and gained eyeballs of our audience we campaigned for  Lead Generation.


We generated 42,316,879 Impressions on FB, twitter,linkedin.

we started from 6,422 likes on facebook increased to 1,48,011.

with 4,21,898 website clicks we generated 11727 leads for kings college.

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