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EMPI Business School Group, New Delhi has guided philosophy of ‘Innovating Futures’ and the basis for it's institutional ethos, wherein Innovation is achieved, not only through academic study and research at its B-School, but also by incubating and spinning off various initiatives and entities that impact the future.

They wanted to promote Mobility Mission Festival among the Leaders and the Youth alike to identify, cooperate & participate to leverage the disruptive technologies for an efficient future. 

The event was themed on Electric Car and Artificial Intelligence and it was India’s  First Mobility Festival that focused largely on the future of vehicles.


Creation of unique brand and generating Buzz built Upon EMPI Leadership

Increase registration And participation of Students & corporates alike

Consistent buzz & On location promotion Of the event and live feeds

Arriving at the Festival Name ‘MOMI’

Landing page: design with Sophisticated & smooth UI/UX

Buzz on social handles with Customised communication of posts and videos

Phased promotional activity For different audience.

Multi-touch points to roundUp our audience online


The Event was one of its kind in India and it had us excited  with the prospect of launching it online. The branding of was Going to be for posterity so a really catchy name that was easy on the lips was thought of. The designs for landing page and their Existing website was done from the scratch to exhibit authenticityAnd authority in disruptive technologies for future.

The marketing team had phased response to acquire interest leading To registration. Beginning with branding build up on Display, Native &Social channels carefully selected for two separate audience of students & corporates.

This was then followed by another campaign of free registration on acquired data base and  look alike.


The campaign saw an Impression of 1.5 million of Targeted audience across Networks like Facebook & Google

The total clicks on to our campaign In the period was 50,628 Of which 23,492 came from Google & 27136 from Facebook

Of the target of 200 teams,We were able to Register 918 teams online.

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