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Delivering health through food to as many people as possible: that is the mission which guides the Danone teams on an everyday basis. Danone offers nutritious and balanced food products that taste good and deliver a health benefit to a large number of consumers.

Danone being highly sensitve brand and within the restricted perimeters It has strong impetus to position its brands delicately and tactfully. 



Increase the reach of the Brand & Products

Build Danone as a ‘Love Brand’

Increase Awareness and Customer Engagement

Devising communication Plank according to topical days

Video Campaigns on Youtube For brand and reach


The strategy focused around educating customers through innovative creatives and campaigns. Moreover increasing awareness on health by sharing nutritious facts. Thus, leading us to engage with our customers and having an influence on the brand.

We employ major networks from social channels to google networks along with Native advertising to position Danone online and stand abreat with its competition Like Nestle, Abbot et al.

Danone branding is highly precise with uasge of Think, feel and Do approach to Each and every campaign we devise.

We build our communication around food and nutrition that takes up the Cause of people in every walks of life keeping young mothers our centre.

Designing campaigns around topical days, festivals and run, international weeks gives us ample pportunity to build the brand on issues and cause and connect With people on various levels.

We utislise our social handle like Facebook , instagram, linkedin, to promote Posts and Videos. Google display, search ads and Native Ads work wonders to Generate pull enquiries and blog visits.


Danone saw a great engagement on its social handles. It went on to wind many awards for its pages as well as campaigns.

Our Association with Danone has yielded more than 28.2 million impressions with Facebook  giving 23  million & Google clocking 4.4 million impressions in the period

The total clicks on During this period was 184,677 ,Facebook had 103,072 clicks and Google had 85,534 clicks. Youtube had 155,010 Impressions, with 74,501  views

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